5 Ways Mobile POS Systems Benefit Restaurants

Managing a restaurant and serving customers without a restaurant POS system can be a serious task to handle in today’s food service industry, as customers expect to be greeted by a server, given their food and provided the bill quickly and accurately. 

Though many restaurants have adopted mobile POS systems in order to avoid these issues and offer timely service, there are much more that use restaurant point of sale systems without any mobile devices or still use an analog cash register. Though these devices serve their purpose and function, they are obsolete and cause more problems than they can fix.

Even the smallest problem can often turn into a customer issue before the owner is even aware that they are being served. A restaurants #1 priority is making sure that customers are greeted quickly, served meals exactly to their specifications and leave the restaurant ready to come back. Whether your restaurant is full service, fast-casual, or quick serve, this always applies from the moment you open for business to when you close up for the night.

Keeps Service Speedy And Quick

A typical restaurant usually has a point of sale terminal that’s stationed in one area of the restaurant floor, which has to be shared by all of the staff on duty. During busy periods, everyone will be pushing to use the terminal to process their order payments, which will slow down service and will leave your customers with a feeling that your service is not efficient. Also, many of the people who frequently visit restaurants are sometimes wary of giving their credit card to a server for them to process payments, as credit card fraud and identity theft are all too common presently, especially with digital payments rapidly replacing cash.

Ensure Orders Are Never Misunderstood

In order to ensure a restaurant gets a lot of repeat business and new customers coming through the door, they need to stay on top of service at all times. This means making sure each order is accurate and that servers are always able to address any customer needs as quickly as possible. One incorrect order can ruin your chances of earning their trust in your service and staff, and ultimately result in them choosing to not come back. Even worse, they could tell their peers and further hinder your opportunities to do business and make a profit.

Offer Unique Service To Customers

Mobile restaurant POS system allows restaurant staff to engage their customers at a much better speed with accuracy, and this translates into more sales and improved revenue. Additionally, using mobile POS devices offer an enhanced level of service that many restaurants cannot or do not offer, which gives you an edge over local competition. Offering a dining experience that is both unique and convenient places your business ahead of the pack, as it is a widely known that that happy customers turn into repeat customers, which turn into accelerated gains in your revenue and profits.

Manage Orders And Tableside Service Efficiently

Devices such as the Poynt mobile POS terminal are a prime example of how an all-in-one device makes customer services better for diners and wait staff together. The Poynt terminal features a touchscreen interface, which cuts down on errors due to misreading order tickets, which happen often due to how quickly wait staff has written down selections. It also comes equipped with a card reader built right into the device, allowing for quick bill payments right at the table.

You can ease the stress of managing split payments by using software such as the eHopper POS system for restaurants, which comes with this highly beneficial function. Instead of taking the time to do the math in their heads, the wait staff can let the POS software take care of the calculations for them.

Track Orders To Completion

Many other features such as order management are extremely useful, as allowing a live outlook on the status of a customer’s order the server to notify their tables that their orders are on the way and how much longer they will have to wait for it to be brought to them. This added level of service makes diners feel more comfortable with the service they are being given.

Our customers who own and manage restaurants are always giving us vital and valuable feedback, we take it very seriously and continue to improve upon eHopper POS while creating articles such as these to better inform others who have not yet adopted a mobile POS system, but are considering it. For more information, contact us today or check back each week for new articles to learn more about how POS software and hardware can benefit your restaurant.

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