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The complete cloud-based POS system

Get started with eHopper POS and save! Now only $29.99/month. (Regular Price: $39.99)! Ends Friday, February 16th!

Ring up sales with ease

Whether you need one register or more, eHopper POS works on tablets, PCs and the Poynt mobile terminal with support in offline mode. Spend more time on the floor driving sales, providing better customer service and processing payments quickly.

Save time on business operations

With the eHopper POS all-in-one business management system, you can cut back time spent on daily operations and back office tasks and promote efficiency within your business. Shorten your tasks and get more done during the day.

Access your data anytime, anywhere

Access reports instantly online, which are kept up-to-date in real time as you handle transactions and store operations. Check on your daily earnings, number of items sold, stock of inventory and order details. Make sure you are on top of your business operations.

eHopper POS can be used on multiple devices and platforms

eHopper functions as both an Android POS, iPads, Windows POS for mobile business management.

Android POS

eHopper operates on Android-based tablets. The POS can be accessed by multiple users at any given time, allowing you and your staff to use eHopper anywhere in your store. eHopper POS is compatible with Android 4.4 and above.

iPad POS

eHopper is an easy to use iPad POS software. Ring up sales, manage business operations efficiently and assist customers with products and services on the floor or take orders right at the counter!

Windows POS

eHopper is compatible with Windows 7 – 10 can be accessed with the Chrome web-browser, version 54. Our web-based system is easy to access, has all the same features as the Android-based version and allows you to work offline.

Here is what you get.

All the POS features that your business needs.

Point Of Sale

Process sales with efficiency. The intuitive Shopping Cart makes adding different items and types easy and simple. Speedy access to refunds, split payments, and discounting options.


Full EMV compliance for added security and buyer convenience. Payments such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are can also be taken with ease.

Order Management

Monitor fulfillment on all customer orders, making sure that your employees are held accountable for all orders until completion.

Sales & Kitchen Receipts

Keep a close eye on when employees arrive for work, leave for the day and use their break responsibly. Also promote accountability for transactions processed on the system.

Multiple Locations & Registers

Have complete transparency into all business aspects and activities in real time. Manage inventories, employees, and operations from one terminal and from any location.


Allows you to manage your products, prices, stock and more. Monitor when things are sold, received and get notifications when you are running low

Variants & Modifiers

Organize your item variants for easier sales. Set options and selections for certain products as you add them to your inventory. Set amounts, sizes, and more as you add items to the cart.

Customer Management

Collect all customer information in real-time as you ring them up, and use it for remarketing and customer outreach to drive more business through the door.

Store Transfers & PO Receiving

Ensure that all of your locations are never low on vital inventory. Transfer items between locations, monitor the status. Restock with direct orders sent from your vendors.

Employee Management

Full control over your staff activity. Manage employees with time clock, assign roles and monitor their operations via reports


Compatible with Android tablets 4.4 and above, as well as PCs using Windows 7 – 10 with the Google Chrome web-browser, version 54. Utilizes cash drawers, PAX card readers such as the S300 terminal. Offer custom receipts from thermal printers and enter in items with a barcode scanner.


Use eHopper anywhere in the world. Change the software’s language to one that’s best for you and your employees. Use international currency simple configuration.


eHopper uses cloud-based storage for all your business data, which makes it available via the web 24/7. It allows you to view critical reports such sales transaction data, business operations and inventory transfers.

QuickBooks Integration

Integration with QuickBooks allows you to automate your business accounting and manage revenue. Ensure that you are always aware of any business operations and able to do reconciliation.

Tax Assignments

Manage tax rates for all level of your company, store and products. Assign one, multiple or no tax at all.

How to Get Started with eHopper

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Now only $29.99/month for 12 months. (Regular Price: $39.99)! Ends Friday, February 16th!

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