How To Pop-Up Effectively & Successfully: Team Up with eHopper. A Quick Pop-Up Store Guide

How To Pop-Up Effectively & Successfully: Team Up with eHopper. A Quick Pop-Up Store Guide

What’s A Pop-Up?

Fresh, exciting and innovative—the pop-up shop is a temporary retail space for selling just about anything—from the smartest designer fashions to mobile smartphones and everything in between. The trend is reinvigorating retail by building surprise, interest, awareness, interactivity and engagement with customers.

The Pop-up isn’t a new idea, it’s been a traditional way to sell short lived seasonal items quickly, think: Christmas trees, pumpkins, and short term retail outlets selling holiday specific merchandise.

Pop-ups can last for a day to a few months. They appear, disappear and reappear in another section of town or as a branded event / sale. Pop-ups are usually temporary, they can be small or large, fixed or mobile. They can be in traditional retail locations, or a store within a store, or a space within a mall, gallery, theater or other venue.

Pop-ups are an ideal way to:

  • Create a presence during specific times of the year and in specific locations
  • Create buzz and awareness about a brand or product
  • Launch new products
  • Sell intensely and quickly
  • Test out products, ideas, and locations


Why Pop-Up?

Pop-Ups have a slew of advantages that are perfect for small or new businesses:

  • Low cost for retail space—cheaper than leasing a traditional store
  • Short term commitment (from one day to three months) as opposed to 1 to 3 years
  • Access to high traffic locations that would be impossible to sell at or in otherwise
  • Pop-up for specific events and times like holidays or summer festivals
  • Connect directly with customers and gauge interest
  • Build your brand through the excitement / surprise of the pop-up
  • Create a limited time buying urgency
  • Cultivate brand and product awareness
  • Test new markets with minimal risk
  • Test new products with minimal risk
  • Test new locations with minimal risk
  • Create a unique branded experience
  • Create a buzz and viral momentum for your product and brand
  • Increase sales


How To Pop Up Successfully

  • Create an experience / event / space that is unique and that will be associated with your brand: parties, musical events, interactive store experiences, fashionable and artistic spaces/booths/stores.
  • Determine the amount and type of space you need
  • Locate your market: determine who your customers are and where they traffic
  • Determine best locations based on geography / density / visibility and buying metrics
  • Contact and lease space from retail space owners
  • Get the regulatory licenses necessary
  • Buy insurance
  • Put your space together with signage, lighting, displays, products, etc.
  • Promote your pop-up through traditional media, social media, street signage and flyers, advertising and events
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    • Manage your inventory
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  • Celebrate the opening of your pop-up with a party, musical event, food and drink tastings, hosted dinners, and exclusive sales
  • Provide customers with a unique and delightful experience, and great products


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