Fast line with omnichannel POS for Restaurant business

Restaurants who want to adopt modern ordering practices should consider rethinking their operations and mastering the basic building blocks of an effective multi-channel fast selling chain.

Omnichannel ordering has become the new normal for almost all businesses and is likely to remain so for at least several years.


Through omnichannel ordering, consumers can shop or get orders across multiple sales channels — online using their laptop, mobile device or phone, in stores, and at restaurants, cafes,  — while benefiting from a seamless holistic consumer experience. To survive these companies must accept the challenge of delivering a great customer service experience across all types of sales channels and shape their supply chains accordingly.


Restaurants and cafes need to undertake broader and deeper transformations while keeping costs under control in consumer experience, individualization, and delivery speed.


E-commerce was booming even before the pandemic, and the COVID-19 crisis has increased the pace of growth, but this does not negate the importance of having a restaurant, cafe, point of sale with a physical location. Buying food in a restaurant is not only a desire to eat deliciously, but it is also an opportunity to communicate with friends and family, which is why real points of sale will always be in demand. But more and more customers want to interact as convenient for them, using gadgets, and expecting fast delivery without contact with the waiter.


Omnichannel sales chains can be built in different ways, efficiently or ineffectively, since each stage of this process requires an individual approach to the client (when it comes to a restaurant), automation of the same type of processes will free up human resources.


According to the latest McKinsey research, the omnichannel business strategy is built on seven blocks integrated with digital technologies.


In this article, we will dwell in detail on those blocks that can be automated and digitized using our omnichannel POS.

Rising consumer expectations are pushing companies to digitize and automate. If we are talking about a retail stores and restaurant business, many issues of digitalization can be solved with the help of ready-made solutions such as an e-commerce website and omnichannel point of sales software system, interconnected into a single system.

As customers demand convenience in every aspect of their interactions with your restaurant, you need to provide a consistent brand image and customer journey both online and offline. This means that however someone interacts with your restaurant they will feel looked after and get a consistent experience. 

Omnichannel POS systems can help improve customer service by automating many issues related to these processes.

Many businesses are looking for ways to increase the speed and accuracy of their transactions, reduce costs, provide better customer experiences across multiple channels (phone/email), streamline back office operations with automation software that will handle repetitive tasks allowing employees time spent on mundane activities like data entry. This is where multi channel point of sale comes in – able process all orders from different types of customers through phone or email as well as at a physical location using one system.

What is omnichannel POS?

eHopper’s multichannel POS software allows you to synchronize the entire process of a restaurant in the chain supplier – restaurant – client through all possible ordering channels. This includes web, social media and other online sources.

Multichannel POS provide real-time integration of data received from users, depending on their purchasing preferences (the order is formed from social networks, on a website, in a restaurant, etc.) with data. which are stored in the cloud. Thus, the restaurant owner gets the opportunity to manage all the resources of the organization, keep records, orders, transfer them to the kitchen, send them to the delivery system and receive payment simultaneously from all possible digital channels.

The availability of good customer support from the manufacturer of multi-channel POS allows you to quickly train personnel to work with the program on different devices, and also, in case of any questions, have the right to quickly resolve them on the part of the software manufacturer.

Since every business is different, it is very important to have not just a multichannel POS, but a POS that will be customized exactly to the needs of your restaurant.

eHopper multichannel POS meets all these requirements, we do not just provide basic solutions for automating restaurants, cafes and small businesses, absolutely free (you can use the basic version of POS for your restaurant at no extra charge), but we flexibly configure the system for all communication channels. – a restaurant – a client on all digital channels, if we are talking about a multi – channel settlement.

Goods can arrive from different suppliers to different points of your sales and are simultaneously entered into the system. In addition to the basic functions of managing goods, we have also provided for the possibility of quick entry into the system.

eHopper POS has more than 10 features that are adapted for the restaurant business and we continue to develop, learn from our clients how we can help them run their business efficiently. 

You don’t need to be a software guru to get started with a multichannel PIC. You know your restaurant, you know all the processes that take place in it, you want to increase the efficiency of the restaurant, increase sales, simplify the ordering process for the client wherever he is and ensure fast delivery and payment, avoiding as much as possible the influence of human factors on the process – this is enough to start choosing a PIC,

eHopper has a basic POS version that you can use absolutely free of charge to test the advantages of our program and bottlenecks where additional configuration is required. After using the free version, the list of automation needs for all multichannel processes will be significantly reduced, you can switch to the multi-channel version, and we, for our part, will be able to flexibly configure the POS so that it works effectively in your conditions. We do not offer just a universal program, we offer a universal program for basic needs and a unique multifunctional POS for the needs of your particular restaurant, plus all the necessary equipment to work with different types of devices. For many of them, it will not even be necessary when it comes to mobile devices, etc.

To register for a free version of our POS eHopper go to the page  <a href=”“>

Benefits of omnichannel POS

Here are 3 benefits of operating an omni-channel restaurant:

There are three great advantages to operating a next-generation omnichannel restaurant.

First, your reach will be bigger than ever before due to increased visibility on more channels and devices. 

Second, customers can use whichever device is most convenient for them at the moment rather than having their experience interrupted by another channel like making an online reservation only not showing up because they want to dine in instead (or vice versa). With multiple options available at any time of day or night it’s easy for everyone if they change plans last minute . Lastly , with all these new features you’ll need top quality staff who know what they’re doing so make sure that every employee has comprehensive technology skills training across different platforms!

Businesses should have a cross-channel omnichannel POS to break down siloed thinking and operations. Inventory management is an example of this, as it helps ensure good consumer service by enabling the optimization for profit while maintaining optimal inventory levels across all channels.

This can be achieved only through implementation of omnichannel POS in your cafe or restaurant  that incentivizes for the company’s benefit rather than individual channel interests

Companies that want to deliver a great consumer experience across multiple sales channels will need to comprehensively rethink many of their traditional supply chain approaches. The challenge is considerable, but companies that get the omnichannel right will grow their consumer base and build a compelling, long-term competitive advantage.