5 Ways Poynt 5 Will Increase Your Sales

As technology continues to become more of the norm for shoppers, the idea of waiting for anything seems to be less than desirable. 

Technology makes things fast and convenient; quick has become the norm for shoppers. 

They want to come into your store or your restaurant, and then they want to leave when they are done.  What they don’t want to do is wait in line.

As a business owner, you need to embrace the fact that technology can help you meet your customers where they are—literally. 

Did you know there is an affordable point of sale solution designed exactly for this? 

Poynt 5 Mobile Smart Terminal is a mobile POS system that allows you to check out customers on the floor. 

With the eHopper POS app on Poynt 5, the idea of waiting in line at the register is a thing of the past. 

Customers waiting less time in line not only increases their satisfaction, but also allows you take take more sales, more quickly!

The Poynt 5 is the perfect choice for a business looking for a mobile POS system.  And, in this guide are proven 5 reasons why.

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1. Fully Mobile Point of Sale

The Poynt 5 Mobile Smart Terminal is a fully mobile POS terminal. 

And the most obvious advantage for business considering moving towards a mobile point of sale system is that shoppers get to bust the line and save time. 

When your floor is cluttered with people waiting in line instead of shopping everyone gets annoyed. 

eHopper now available on Poynt 5

eHopper POS is now available on the Poynt 5 Mobile Smart Terminal

Customers waiting to check out get irritated by the wait. 

They scrutinize every move your employees make behind the register, so they grow frustrated with your staff. 

And, customers who are shopping see the lines and leave the store.

The mindset of a register desk is no longer conducive to today’s clientele. 

Everyone hates lines – improve customer satisfaction and reduce your que with the Poynt 5. 

But, with a Poynt smart terminal, you can eliminate the frustration that your shoppers face. 



You take the mobile POS to where the customer is in the store. 

Then, they can check out immediately when they are done shopping.

Or, let’s say you run a small cafe or quick service restaurant. 

With the Poynt 5 Mobile Smart Terminal, you are able to take customer’s orders from anywhere in your store.

This means that you can walk throughout the restaurant, taking each customer’s order at their table!

By building a fully mobile commerce solution with eHopper POS on Poynt 5, you can save significant time taking order’s at a customer’s table, verses having a stationary point of sale at a counter, causing a long line of customers to que. 

2. Speed up Payments

Obviously, if you are taking the checkout line to the customer, things are going to move faster.

But Poynt smart terminal offers state of the art technology to speed things up even more. 

The mobile terminal accepts EMV/NFC payments, so regardless of what type of card your customer is using, the mobile point of sale technology can handle it. 

And to make things even better, a mobile POS means not more awkward fumbling of cards at the checkout. 

Tap and go, insert, or scan and move on!

Payment totals at the end of the day become far more accurate, and manual reconciliation will become a thing of the past.

The truth is a mobile terminal means less time ringing, faster payments, and more time to connect with customers. 

And, since 31% of today’s shoppers want a personalized experience, you are helping your business meet the needs of your customers.

What makes the Poynt 5 a true mobile POS solution is the built-in scanner.

Scanner on Poynt 5

The Poynt 5 built-in scanner allows you to take more orders, faster, from anywhere in your store!

Using a native front, and rear, facing camera built into the unit, taking sales with the Poynt 5 means you will not be encumbered by a barcode scanner. 

3. Sell anytime, anywhere

One of the most significant advantages of the Poynt 5 mobile smart terminal is that you can take it with you into the field. 

It makes Poynt 5 the ideal mobile terminal for craft shows, food trucks, farmers’ markets, or pop-ups.  

poynt 5 terminal

Poynt 5 is the ideal mobile terminal for craft shows, food trucks, farmers’ markets, or pop-ups.

You don’t have to worry about taking a cash register and balancing your drawer. 

The mobile POS stores all the necessary information to balance your books at the end of the day.

Poynt 5 mobile pos

With Poynt 5 you’re ready to take sales in the field – anytime, anywhere.

4. Email Customer Receipts

Millennial shoppers have gone from appreciating companies who have green initiatives to expecting the businesses they buy from to have some sort of sustainability factor in their business plans.

Recent research suggests that shoppers willing to pay more money for green goods has risen from 55% to 72%.  

And, companies that embrace going green stand to gain brand loyal customers. 

A mobile point of sale system allows you to give customers to option to get an emailed receipt—no paper!

The gesture of decreasing the amount of trash in Mother Earth’s landfills not only makes customers happy, but it also provides you with powerful marketing information. 

The right a mobile POS can significantly grow your mail list and help your marketing efforts.

Tips to increase sales with customer email addresses include:

  • Announce a new product launch
  • Ask for feedback
  • Give something away
  • Invite customers to events
  • Alert to end-of-season sales
  • Announce menu specials for cafes or quick service restaurants


The truth is, there’s no end to the different ways to use your customer’s email addresses to increase your sales. 

With eHopper POS on Poynt 5, you can easily capture this valuable information, and will see a bump in your profits quickly. 


4. Inventory Control

Sometimes when you are o ff working in remote locations, inventory management can become challenging. 

And, when you get back to your brick and mortar location, you have all kinds of work too.  

To make matters even more complicated, selling off-site can sometimes cause you to run out of your products quickly. 

While this is good for business, it can frustrate your regular customers when you run out of stock.

poynt inventory management

Even when you are offsite, your mobile POS system is keeping track of your inventory

But with any eHopper POS—including our mobile terminal, you can sync all sales, stock, and inventory.  


So, even when you are offsite, your mobile POS system is keeping track of your inventory. 

So, you can easily reorder what you run out of. 

By going mobile, you will never undersell anything again.


The world is changing. It is becoming more and more mobile. 

Businesses really have two choices. 

They can market themselves as traditional companies and try to appeal to an older crowd, or they can adjust to the times. 

And, the truth is adapting to the times has a much better-projected outcome.

To remain competitive, you have to make your business more mobile. 

One straightforward way to do this is with a mobile point of sale system. 

A mobile POS terminal like Poynt 5 will speed up your checkout procedures, while growing your marketing audience and keeping control of your inventory. 

Simply put, it benefits both your business and your customers.

If you are looking to build a powerful mobile POS get started with eHopper POS on Poynt 5 today!

If you already use a Poynt device, download the eHopper POS app directly via the Poynt App Store!