B2B Soft Teamed Up with eHopper for Telecom Carriers and their Customers

New Business Opportunity from B2B Soft And eHopper for Telecom Carriers and their Customers

B2B Soft has teamed up with eHopper to jointly market an easy to use and affordable POS from eHopper. Carriers who are using B2B Soft products can now add the eHopper POS to their offerings for sale to their business customers. 

 For carriers, this sales opportunity can drive stickiness for their services in the business-to-business (B2B) sector. They can also generate an additional revenue stream and expand their sales base.

 Business owners utilizing carriers’ services get a robust POS that’s affordable and easy to set up and use. The eHopper All-in-One POS with customer display speeds checkouts with the customer display. It accepts credits cards and supports Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Receipts can be printed or emailed. Customers can also promote their products and services on the display screen. 

 The eHopper All-in-One POS with customer display has full white label capabilities, including POS software, self-serve kiosk, online ordering, inventory, customers, employees, payments, reporting, and cloud back office. 

“The B2B Soft / eHopper collaboration gives carriers an immediate way to provide their business customers with a complete cloud-based POS system with a full range of features that can be customized to individual needs,” said Vladimir Basin, General Manager & Head of Product, eHopper. “The ability to use our POS on multiple devices and platforms facilitates business management, including payment processing, generating reports, and organizing stock with inventory software. These management capabilities are the cornerstone of an effective POS system.”

 Software branding, second level support, integrated payment and integrated hardware as well as supporting Windows PCs and Android tablets are also part of the white label capabilities.

For more information about B2B Soft, visit https://b2bsoft.com.