Cloud-Based POS Security

Why a Cloud-Based POS System Guarantees Data Security

Cloud-based POS systems offer businesses versatility and security. The latter is crucial, because establishments handle sensitive data on a regular basis. In order to scale the business smoothly and gain trust from customers, one must have a functional, efficient cloud POS system. 

We will identify and explain the benefits of utilizing a robust cloud-based POS system, and how such platforms can help secure the future of fast-moving businesses. 

Streamline Maintenance and Workflows

Having differing parts of the business work with a centralized POS system allows real-time collaboration. With consistent access to the internet, employees can upload data and pull vital information from the server instantly.

If the cloud POS service provider offers mobile-friendly features, workers could jump on the system remotely during out-of-office meetings, long commutes and even outside operating hours. With 24/7 access to the cloud POS, companies can boost productivity in the workplace. 

POS systems could also ease the release of promotions, gift cards, and loyalty programs. Employees could keep track of a customer’s history, which can be extremely helpful when settling disputes and improve service quality.

When it comes to maintenance, all security patches and system updates are deployed through the cloud with minimal to no interruption to everyday business operations. “The POS service provider invisibly ensures that your servers are backed up, configured and maintained continuously without you having to lift a finger.

Any software upgrades due to OS service packs, bug fixes, virus patches or feature improvements are all handled by the POS provider at the remote server site,” said Optimus Information, a Vancouver-based IT solutions and technology company. 

Peace of Mind

Working with a secure POS system ensures that sensitive data does not leave the server. Analysts expect this figure to increase prolifically in the coming years, as hacking tools become more sophisticated.

In a cloud-based POS, all of one’s data is stored online. There is no need to lock up a server in a room and provide access keys for IT staff. Instead, the responsibility of keeping customer and business data secure is passed on to the cloud POS system service provider.

pos security

Working with a secure POS system ensures that sensitive data does not leave the server.

This removes the possibility of a physical data breach, wherein a criminal steals the company server from the building. Retrieving a stolen server can be difficult, often forcing businesses to fork out large amounts of money to cover ransom charges. If the server was destroyed during the ordeal, one would have to rebuild the company database from scratch (assuming it wasn’t backed up).

Let The Experts Handle Your Data

Many small businesses often overlook the added security a cloud-based POS adds. As data security is a full-time job that can take away from important business operations, it is preferable and overly beneficial to have the POS system take care of the secure storage of all business data in real-time.

Using a secure cloud-based POS system will remove the burden of data management from your daily tasks, whereas a traditional POS platforms are risky with data security, most notably when a business is required to host their own data server on the premises. Your typical small business owner does not have the technical expertise needed to ensure their data cannot be breached.

Over time, as more users access the system and more data is pushed to the system, various components must be upgraded and maintained on a regular basis to ensure security keeps up with evolving methods of breaching servers that are on-premises. 

Relying on a cloud POS eliminates these issues, as all of the data storage and security will be handled by the POS in a remote, secure location. As you use your POS, all of your transaction data, along with other vital pieces of data, will be collected in real time for immediate upload or a scheduled sync.

A Profitable and Beneficial Choice, No Matter What

Given that the benefits overshadow any qualms one may have with cloud-based data storage, investing in a POS that provides secure, remote data storage will prevent many profit-harming issues from affecting you adversely.

Even when running a small business, handling all of the necessary tasks along with your customers can be overwhelming, often resulting in time taken away from what matters: your customers.

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