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How Coffee Shop POS Can Increase Service and Profits

Small cafes and privately-owned coffee shops are a huge business in the USA, with statistics from an IBISWorld report showing over $41 billion generated in revenue from 57,000+ locations across the country in 2016. Many of them choose to use coffee shop POS systems in order to keep up with the heavy amount of customers […]

Retail POS Systems: A Handy Guide To Hardware

Counter-top and Mobile Solutions Counter-top pos systems are the most commonly found hardware setups in retail stores today. Windows-based systems using desktop computers and a monitor allow for many types of additional hardware to be added, including vital items like cash registers and printers and optional items such as card readers (if you are processing […]

Top 10 Ways to Increase Sales In Your Retail Store

As a small business owner, are you looking for easy ways to increase sales in your retail store? We understand how competitive the retail industry can be. The truth is, no matter how specific your business niche, or how profound your unique selling point (USP) might be, retail is a tough game. Even if your […]

How to Manage Your Quick Service Restaurant with eHopper POS

In order to successfully manage quick service restaurants, business owners need enough funding, loyal customers, and tools to optimize operations. One of the typical tools used in quick service establishments is POS, or point of sale. Point of sale typically is an all-in-one software that allows you to ring up sales, take orders, manage inventory, […]

5 Ways Mobile POS Systems Benefit Restaurants

Managing a restaurant and serving customers without a restaurant POS system can be a serious task to handle in today’s food service industry, as customers expect to be greeted by a server, given their food and provided the bill quickly and accurately.  Though many restaurants have adopted mobile POS systems in order to avoid these issues and […]

How To Use Amazon To Increase Sales In Your Retail Store

For local business retailers, Amazon is tough, tough competition. Every dollar in Amazon’s pocket is a dollar out of the piggy banks of small businesses trying to compete in the online marketplace. Amazon is a perpetual threat that just seems to be getting larger and larger. As the most popular online store in the US, […]

How to Open an Ice Cream Shop

Let’s start with the simple facts: ice cream is delicious, everyone loves ice cream, owning an ice cream store would be the best thing ever. If you’ve recently found yourself standing in your local artisanal ice cream shop has a similar stream of thoughts, the next logical pieces may have been something along the lines […]