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5 Reasons A POS Register Upgrade Is A Good Investment

Is your company’s POS system out of date? Do you tend to think that it doesn’t matter if you take the time and money needed to upgrade your POS register? Change can be difficult for companies that are used to doing things a certain way. However, if you look at upgrades as an investment, it […]

How to Increase Your Sales with BOPIS

The e-commerce landscape has undergone a variety of changes over recent years. We have seen a wave of online companies that have introduced innovative business models. BOPIS is an example of such a change. This model is allowing brick-and-mortar stores to compete with online outlets that specialize in online-only shopping experiences. The most apparent innovator […]

Top Retail Trends You Must Adopt to Stay Competitive

Retail is a hyper-competitive market. It requires business owners to remain constantly vigilant and on the lookout for the top retail trends, emerging marketing platform or cutting-edge technology that might provide them with a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, not every trend is as promising as it first appears. The best leaders can secure and improve their […]

Google Shopping Ads: Complete Guide for Small Businesses [Updated for 2019]

Online shopping is inescapably huge. In 2018, the US Department of Commerce estimated that consumers spent over $500 billion shopping online, which marked a 15% increase from past years. E-commerce is here, and it is only growing. Part of this booming e-commerce business is the increasing growth of online marketplaces, like Amazon, Overstock, Zappos, eBay, […]

What is Digital Signage?

The rise of technology has made old fashion print marketing seem outdated.  Now, that’s not to say a well-designed print ad can’t turn some heads.  Let’s face it, artists are great at what they do. But, as consumers become more and more digitally dependent, marketing teams need to investigate ways to reach consumers where they […]

Is Your Business Ready For Mobile Payments?

Mobile devices have increasingly become a necessity in today’s fast-paced, Digital Age. For today’s shoppers, smartphones are more than just a device to call and text, they have become the go-to solution for the entire buyer’s journey. Businesses have been fighting to keep up with this rapidly moving technology by offering branded mobile apps, mobile-centric […]

How Do You Choose the Best Mobile POS System For Your Business?

Technology moves quickly, and its high velocity has been propelling point-of-sale systems into the increasingly-mobile future. If you’re still using a traditional, clunky cash-register-style POS system, the time to upgrade to a mobile POS system is not just here; it’s hurtling past you.  But, choosing the right mobile POS system can be a daunting process. […]

Guide to EBT and Food Stamps for Small Business Retailers

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly the Food Stamp Program offer food stamps and EBT to those in need. These efforts are designed to help low and no-income families receive financial assistance to pay for basic groceries and nutritional needs. They are strictly designed for food products, so non-food products like soaps, paper products, […]