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NRF ’17: 5 Products That Really Grabbed Our Attention

If you thought your options for a POS system and other retail tech were not large or diverse, the massive amount of new technology on display at this year’s NRF’s Retails Big Event would definitely change your mind.

Business owners were able to see the future of retail on display for them, discovering what new technologies were changing the way stores can sell products and how customers buy them.

Several companies set up booths to show off the latest innovations in retail tech, reaching beyond the POS systems market to showcase everything and anything that adds to the retail experience.

Throughout the convention floor, companies were marketing POS hardware such as thermal printers, scanners, cash drawers, and much more. If you ever needed a complete view of what to expect from the retail tech industry, look no further than this year’s NRF event.

Here’s what we saw while we toured the floor that really caught our attention.

Brianna Moriarty

Karim El-Gammal from eHopper was promoting eHopper with Brianna Moriarty from Star Micronics.

Star Micronics, a major figure in the thermal printer industry, exhibited their new Micro Receipt which only has a QR code which can be scanned into their AllReceipts or Itemize apps.

With this, users get a digital copy of a sale for better customer engagement while not wasting paper, which is a beneficial feature for both sales person and customer. Additionally, eHopper POS was featured at the booth and we had a great time working with them during the convention.

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Miura’s booth was definitely one of the most appealing on the convention floor this year.

Another heavily promoted solution were mobile payment terminals and all-in-one countertop POS systems. The mobile payment specialists from Miura not only had one of the most interesting-looking booths on the floor, their products were just as cool.

With card terminals that fit in the palm of your hand and sleek all-in-one POS systems, they definitely made an impact at NRF ’17 and made sure their booth was built for catching the eyes of attendees and looking towards their products.

Hanshow brought a lot of innovation to NRF ’17 with their latest showing of digital price tags.

Shifting away from the point of sale system market, Hanshow came to NRF 17 to promote their electronic shelf labels. Easy to set up and no more than the size of a phone dock, retailers can benefit from quick price changes while saving valuable shelf space.

Like a POS system, Hanshows products are built to improve both the seller and customer experience. Hanshow is one of many presenters at NRF that made a big impact from a small booth, which shows they are definitely a company to keep an eye on for more innovations.

Code was showing off a modern solution with a very modern booth, definitely an attention-grabber.

Code had one of the most appealing showcases on the floor, giving everyone a chance to learn about their QR code scanning solutions. Aiming to make a customer’s phone a bigger part of the shopping experience, Code put a lot of focus on showing how to successfully digitize transactions fully, speeding them up and offering a higher level of convenience that customers and merchants can benefit from.

When it came to selection, nobody could be Aclas this year. Multiple devices, multiple platforms.

Aclas had a selection of great all-in-one devices as well as several cash registers and printers. Ranging from typical cash registers to handheld POS terminals, Aclas made sure to have something for everyone, especially small businesses that need a complete solution for a more affordable price.

Given that their one of the biggest companies in the market providing POS hardware solutions, the wide range of options they had to offer came at no surprise to us.

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