The Guide to Writing the Ultimate Business Plan Template

Guide: The Ultimate Business Plan Template

So, you think you have the next great idea. You are going to change the world, work for yourself, and sip cocktails in flip-flops for the rest of your life. You’re starting a business. Well, then you need a business plan.

It sounds easy enough, but immediately the questions creep in: What do I have to include in a business plan? What if I leave something out? Is there a business plan template I can use? 

Writing a business plan is careful consider every step of starting your company. You need to be in a place to prepare for success.

The business plan is your chance to discover any weaknesses in your business idea, as well as point out any opportunities you may not have considered, while planning how you will deal with challenges that will inevitably arise. Not to mention, a well-written business plan can help convince investors to lend money and finance your business.

To help you guide your journey, download this business plan template from our friends at

This template includes instructions for each section of the business plan, followed by corresponding editable worksheets.

After completing these 11 worksheets, you’ll have a working model of a business plan for your small business.

The business plan components include:

  • An Executive Summary
  • Your Company Description
  • Products and Services
  • Company Marketing Plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Management & Organization
  • Startup Expenses & Capitalization
  • Financial Plan
  • Additional Appendices

The last section, “Refining Your Plan,” goes into detail as to some areas you might need to modify for your plan to specific purposes. This can include such things as getting a bank loan, or specific retail details. 

Complete this template to create a working business plan for your startup. Then, contact your local SCORE mentor to review and refine your plan.

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