How to Grow Your Grocery or Food Store using eHopper POS

How to Grow Your Grocery or Food Store using eHopper POS

Do you have a grocery or food store? Are you looking for ways to improve your operations and grow your business? If so, eHopper POS can help. This grocery POS system is designed to help businesses speedup their operations and make it easier to track your inventory and stock. 

It also offers a wide range of features that will help you reward loyal customers and manage your employees more effectively. Plus, its reports will give you a clear picture of how your store is performing.

Let’s go over some of the key features that make eHopper grocery POS system the best choice for your grocery or food store.

Integrated payments

The integrated payment system makes it safe and easy to accept cash, credit, and debit payments even split payments or EBT. 

It’s fully integrated with eHopper point of sale software, so you can track your sales and inventory in one place. It also saves time and prevents human errors by entering payments manually.

Integrated Weight scale

eHopper’s grocery POS system integrates with weight scales, so you can quickly and accurately ring up items sold by the pound. This is perfect for produce, meat, seafood or deli products.

eHopper food and grocery POS, lets you set the price of items by specific units of measure, example ounce or pound. Simply weigh the item and eHopper POS will calculate the total price for you.

We currently support Star Micronics MG S-8200 Weight Scale. All you need to do is simply connect to your Android tablet via Bluetooth and allow you to scale your products quickly and efficiently, and see the weights both on the scales and in the POS app.

Star Micronics MG-S8200 Scale

Star Micronics MG-S8200 Scale

Manage Customers using eHopper CRM

eHopper grocery POS software provides a powerful CRM system to manage your customers. It’s easy to capture customer information, view their purchase history, and track their loyalty points. 

You can also send targeted marketing campaigns and special offers to your customers based on their purchase behaviors using popular marketing services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Reward Loyal Customer

It’s typically more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep current ones.  eHopper POS system has a built-in loyalty program to help you retain your best customers. With eHopper, you can offer rewards points to be redeemed on any future purchases.

You, as a merchant, can easily set customized loyalty rules to have customers earn a certain amount of points, either per visit or a specified amount spent, and redeem reward discounts once they reach that number of points.

eHopper supports physical loyalty cards or mobile numbers. The program is seamlessly integrated with eHopper Point of Sale and keeps more of your customers coming back.

Efficient Inventory Management

With eHopper, you can track your inventory in real-time, so you always know what’s in stock and what needs to be reordered. You can also set up low stock alerts to make sure you never run out of your most popular items. The system also supports store transfers, purchase order receiving, vendor management and more!

Employee Management

Managing your employees has never been easier than with eHopper POS. With our time clock feature, you can track employee hours and see how much they’ve sold. You can also create custom roles with different permissions to give employees the access they need without giving them too much power.

Detailed Sales, Inventory and Tax Reporting

One of the most important aspects of running a grocery store is keeping track of what items are selling the best. 

This information can help you make decisions about what products to order more of and which ones to phase out. Another important piece of information that grocery stores need to track is their COGS (cost of goods sold). 

This number tells you how much it costs to keep your store stocked with inventory. eHopper’s grocery POS system gives you the ability to track both of these numbers and more.

eHopper provides detailed sales reports so you can see how your business is doing based on the selected time period.

Inventory reports provide you with information on what items are selling the best, COGS and how much stock you have of each item. This is especially useful when it comes to reordering products.

Tax reports show you how much tax your business has paid in a certain time period. This can help you stay compliant with state and local regulations.

product mix report

POS Hardware

Another important aspect to grow grocery and food stores is to utilize modern and robust POS hardware. eHopper is integrated with All-in-One POS system with customer display, Android tablets from Samsung, Windows PCs, thermal printers, scanners and payment terminals.

all-in-one pos bundle deal

I am interested to learn more. What’s Next?

If you’re looking for a robust and easy to use grocery POS system, look no further than eHopper. Our system has everything you need to streamline your operations and help your grocery store grow.

Get started today to learn more about how our grocery POS system can help your business grow!