eHopper Partners with HP Engage POS System for SMB Market

eHopper integrates with the new HP Engage POS system to provide an advanced shopping experience for retail and hospitality industries. 

HP announced this morning its plans to expand its focus to the SMB market, with a emphasis on small and medium retail and hospitality businesses. 

At the core of this news is the launch of an expanded HP Engage POS system lineup, which provides unique, safe, and sleek hardware to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern consumers. 

According to the HP press release Thursday morning, the company hopes to leverage its proven success in the upper tiers of the retail and hospitality markets, by addressing the needs of SMB retail operations. 

eHopper POS software will be available to retailers on the new HP Engage One Prime.


An Android POS system, the Engage One Prime features a NRC and barcode scanner with camera, several options for memory and storage, and plenty of extra peripheral options.

The HP Engage One Prime sports a modern design at an affordable price. The system is lighting quick, integrates seamlessly with eHopper software, and provides the reliability business owners need.

HP Engage POS System

HP Engage One Prime POS System

By integrating with the HP Engage POS system, eHopper provides small businesses powerful features and benefits that are fundamental to success in retail and hospitality, such as:

  • Employee management
  • Inventory management 
  • Surcharges and cash discounting
  • Order tracking
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Directional receipt printing
  • Integrated point of sale and online ordering
  • Localization options to customize languages on screens or receipts
  • and many more! 

HP and eHopper will pursue opportunities across all small business markets.

The partnership is in response to the tremendous growth seen in small business retail, both online and in-store. With over 600,000 SMB retailer owners in the United States, business owners want dependable, highly efficient systems. 

eHopper’s intuitive, user-friendly design means retailers and business owners do not require time consuming or intensive training.

Along with rich business benefits, small businesses will have access to eHopper’s extensive support, online and offline.

The new HP Engage One Prime POS system is available for sale.

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