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How to Use a Mobile POS System to Increase Sales

Mobile POS systems offer numerous advantages for establishments that are looking for new ways to increase sales. An example of a brand that is currently benefiting from the implementation of mobile POS systems is Nordstrom. The Seattle-based company recently invested in over 6,000 mobile POS devices across 117 stores around the country.

This change simplified the sales experience for both customers and employees inside the store. As a result, Nordstrom experienced a 15.3 percent increase in total quarterly retail sales from 2011 to 2012. The retail-focused brand expects these figures to continue growing, as it hones its wildly successful mobile POS strategy.

The benefits of implementing a mobile POS system are not limited to large companies with deep budgets for new technology. Read on to learn about how such systems can improve sales for small businesses.

Increasing Customer Engagement

Improving customer interaction is an effective way to increase sales. However, this can be extremely difficult to facilitate inside the store if employees are always checking on inventory, monitoring backorders or tallying daily transactions.

Relying on a mobile POS to do all the backend work for your business could help ease the workload of your employees, allowing them to engage customers with a relaxed and open mind. Furthermore, it could help free up long lines at customer service and reduce waiting times at the register during checkout.

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Mobile POS systems let employees complete transactions anywhere in the shop.

Real-time customer assistance may also help deter unwanted “showrooming” practices, or the act of searching for online deals while looking around the store. Since mobile POS systems let employees complete transactions anywhere in the shop, customers are less likely to spend time searching for better deals on their smartphone.

Tablet Integration and Poynt

Mobile POS integration with tablets and terminals, such as Poynt, offer out-of-the-box flexibility for small businesses with customized workflows. Using a tablet is one of the best ways to get the most out of a mobile POS software.

Instead of being limited to one section of the store, employees equipped with a handheld tablet can be stationed in high-traffic areas of the facility. Poynt integration opens up a plethora of wireless POS solutions for tech-savvy establishments.

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Mobile POS integration with Poynt terminal offer out-of-the-box flexibility for small businesses.

The robust terminal comes with a touch screen display, card reader, POS barcode scanner and receipt printer. Workers will never have to leave the customer to retrieve purchasing information; and they can also complete the entire sales transaction in just a few taps.

Furthermore, Poynt features the following payment options for customers: chip (EMV), magnetic stripe and NFC (contactless payments). In addition to retail-focused businesses, Poynt mobile POS is suitable for food trucks, bakeries, quick service restaurants and vape shops.

How eHopper Can Help

Increasing small business sales does not require costly or invasive investments. With eHopper’s POS system, you can improve sales performance and support existing workflows without burning a hole in your wallet.

From POS reporting and order tracking to inventory and employee management, the eHopper POS is designed to make running your business easier and more profitable.

For a complete mobile POS solution, check out eHopper’s free POS software with Poynt terminal integration.

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