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eHopper POS Becomes Available as Poynt App

eHopper POS is now available on Poynt , the compact all-in-one smart payment terminal, register, scanner and printer.

eHopper Poynt app is a retail management software designed for small businesses.

Owners of quick service restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, bakeries, liquor stores and other retail businesses now have the tools to process all methods of payments, serve their customers efficiently and manage their business. 

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What is Poynt? 

Poynt is a hand-held device with dual touch screens, a 7 inch merchant touchscreen for entering orders and a smaller customer screen for entering PINs, signatures, tipping and customer preferences. The device also has a MSR card reader, barcode and QR scanner, a NFC antenna, Bluetooth antenna and a compact printer.

The next generation of Poynt devices, soon to be released, will have a hybrid EMV/MSR card reader.

Poynt can run on its own or communicate with other devices using eHopper, as well as certified hardware and additional printers.

Mobile Retail Management

This portable and wireless device paired with eHopper Poynt app is a perfect fit for mobile small businesses such as food trucks, and vendors at farmer’s market, concerts, festivals, fairs and amusement parks. It connects to WiFi or Ethernet, so you can do business anywhere your customers are.

Poynt is equipped with all of the latest payment technologies. Customers can pay using their favorite method: Apple Pay, chip-and-pin, NFC, mobile apps, or cash.

You can print receipts or email them. This smart payment terminal was developed using the latest security technology, it meets the highest PCI requirements, uses the most advanced end-to-end encryption technologies and comes with 24/7 fraud and tamper detection.

EMV certification is in process and will be available soon. 

Simple Activation and Setup eHopper 

Poynt app is quick and easy to setup.

The intuitive interface is simple to use, you can personalize the device and software to suit to your needs.

Once setup, you can efficiently enter orders using the touchscreen or use Poynt to scan barcodes.

All orders can be tracked on any eHopper device connected with the same account. 

Communicates with Other Devices 

eHopper is a cross-platform POS System also available on Android and Windows, designed for and accessible to small business owners.

With eHopper Poynt app you can analyze every aspect of your business.

eHopper is a powerful retail management system. 

Retail Management Tools 

The inventory management tool allows you to track all of your assets in real-time. You can quickly look up items, track exchanges and returns. Knowing exactly what you have on hand makes re-stocking a breeze. Powerful reports provide you the information you need to make intelligent business decisions. Analyze your sales and visualize your key profit indicators. Sales reports showing the varying levels of customer traffic allow you to staff accordingly. 

The employee management tool provides you varying levels of access.

You can manage roles and permissions to maintain control and keep data secure.

You can also keep track of employee hours and tips and manage shifts.

With eHopper Poynt app you can personalize the way you reward your loyal customers.

If you own a coffee shop and reward your customers after buying 10 beverages you can customize the POS to prompt the discount.

There’s no need for a loyalty card, customers can simply provide their phone number.

With each recorded transaction you develop a clearer picture of your customers.

Knowledge is a powerful tool and identifying the preferences of your most loyal customers allows you to better serve them.

The integrated email marketing tools are personalize to your operation.

Build brand knowledge, loyalty and repeat visits by providing customers with exactly what they are looking for.

eHopper Poynt app has integrated merchant services.

It supports Apple Pay, magnetic strip and chip-and-pin cards, You can split payments and use eHopper Poynt app along side your cash register or on its own. 

Debut at TRANSACT 16 

eHopper is one of few 3rd party Poynt apps currently available on the market (as of May 2016).

The pair of services made their debut during TRANSACT 16, held on April 19-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Transact annual trade show brings together more than 4,000 retail technology and payments industry professionals to meet, network and explore business opportunities.

Booth visitors were very interested in the combination of eHopper and Poynt, news of the partnership gathered international attention.

The combined services are competitively priced, allowing more small business owners to easily switch to more sophisticated payment processing services. 

Design for Small Business Owners 

Giving your customers more payment options will increase your sales, as more and more customers choose to use their mobile wallet and secure chip-and-pin cards.

eHopper Poynt app will continue to evolve with the changing payment landscape. 

As a small business owner you need tools to stay competitive.

You need to keep track of your sales and inventory, serve your customers and reward them for their loyalty.

You need to process their orders efficiently to provide the best customer service.

The right software can help you manage your employees, develop a clear understanding of your key performance indicators and forecast the future. 

This tool must be paired with the latest and most secure payment processing hardware so you can provide your customers with whatever payment option they prefer.

Both Poynt and eHopper were designed for small business owners.

With eHopper Poynt app you can provide better service to your customers, develop a greater awareness of your business, streamline your processes and increase your profits.

Get started with eHopper Poynt app!

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