How to Use the eHopper Poynt App to Better Manage your Business

How to Use the eHopper Poynt App to Better Manage Your Business

Are you looking for a mobile all-in-one device that will allow you to take orders and process transactions from any location?

If so, eHopper POS is available on the the Poynt Smart terminal and Poynt 5 terminal and each comes with either WiFi or 3G options.

Poynt terminals come with a compact all-in-one payment terminal, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and a charging dock.

The eHopper Poynt app is a cloud-based software solution designed for businesses of all types and sizes. With the eHopper Poynt app, owners of quick service restaurants, full service restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, bakeries, liquor stores, bars and retail establishments have the tools to increase speed of sales, and better manage customers, employees, orders, and many other aspects of their business.

ehopper poynt

What is Poynt? 

Poynt is a hand-held device with dual touch screens, including a 7 inch merchant-facing touchscreen for entering orders and a smaller customer screen for entering signatures, tips, and PIN debit. The device also has a MSR card reader, barcode and QR scanner, a NFC antenna, EMV chip, Bluetooth antenna and a compact printer.

You can use Poynt as a stand-alone solution or have it connect with other eHopper compatible devices, such as Android tablets, iPads, Windows PC, or eHopper All-in-One devices. Poynt also works with eHopper’s certified peripheral equipment, such as receipt printers and cash drawers.

Mobile Solution

The portable and wireless device paired with the eHopper Poynt app is a perfect solution for mobile small businesses such as food trucks, and vendors at farmer’s markets, concerts, sporting events, festivals, fairs and amusement parks.

It connects to WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, or Lan connection, providing you the flexibility of doing business at the table or in the field.

Poynt is equipped with all of the latest payment technologies. Customers have a slew of options for how they would like to process payments, such as Apple Pay, chip-and-pin, built-in EMV, NFC, mobile apps, or via cash.

Poynt was developed using the latest security technology, it meets the highest PCI requirements, uses the most advanced end-to-end encryption technologies and comes with 24/7 fraud and tamper detection.

Quick Installation and Setup 

poynt smart terminal

Setting up your eHopper account on the Poynt is easy. To install the eHopper POS app, simply select the Apps icon on your Poynt device, and then locate and select the eHopper POS app. Next, select and tap “Subscribe” to download the app.

The next step is to open the app. If you have not yet created an eHopper account, tap where it says “Not yet registered? Create new account”. You will be directed to a screen where you can create your account.

Once your eHopper account is created, you will receive a welcome email that contains your account credentials. Return to the login screen and enter the Account ID and License Key from your welcome email. On the next screen, enter the 6 digit PIN in your welcome email. You will then be logged in to your account.

The eHopper software is intuitive and simple to use. You can also easily customize it to suit your business. Once your inventory and settings is set up in your Back Office, you will be able to quickly take orders using the touchscreen on the Poynt device or simply scan barcodes on items to instantly ring them up for sale.

Communicates with Other Devices 

eHopper is a device agnostic POS System, meaning it works on multiple platforms, all of which can communicate with each other. eHopper works on several All-in-One devices, Android tablets, iPads, and Windows PC. For instance, you can take and save an order on one device and then open and process that same order on another device, allowing for seamless business operations.

Business Management Tools 

eHopper has many tools that allow you to effectively manage your business and smoothly run operations. One is an inventory management tool that allows you to track the stock of all your products in real-time. Knowing exactly what you have on hand at all times provides you with critical knowledge of when to restock items and which items are the best or worse sellers.

Reporting in eHopper is a powerful tool that provides you with the insight necessary to make intelligent business decisions. Analyze your sales and better understand your margins to have a true picture of the status of your business. Sales reports showing the varying levels of customer traffic allow you to staff accordingly. 

POS Sales Report

The employee management tool allows you to manage how much access each staff member is allowed to have within the system. Set roles and permissions, such as disabling certain employees cannot process refunds or open the cash drawer, to ensure your data is protected and to prevent theft. You can also easily keep track of employee hours with the Time Clock and Clock In/Clock Out feature, as well as seamlessly track employee tips.

You can also provide customers with incentive to come back for more business by setting up a loyalty program within the eHopper POS Poynt app. Choose to either reward customers with loyalty points each time they visit your business or per a certain amount they spend. Then, once they reach a specified number of points, they will be notified that they are due to receive a reward discount. Customers can choose to either use loyalty cards or simply enter their mobile number.

POS loyalty program

You can also build a customer database, tracking each of your customers’ transactions and buying habits. Learn who your most loyal customers are and gear towards their specific preferences. This will make them only more likely to come back and spread the word about your establishment.

Design for Small Business Owners 

Giving your customers more payment options will increase your sales, as more and more customers choose to use their mobile wallet and secure chip-and-pin cards. As a small business owner you need tools to stay competitive. You need to keep track of your sales and inventory, serve your customers and reward them for their loyalty. You need to process their orders efficiently to provide the best customer service.

The right software can help you manage your employees, develop a clear understanding of your key performance indicators and forecast the future. This tool must be paired with the latest and most secure payment processing hardware so you can provide your customers with whatever payment option they prefer.

Both Poynt and eHopper were designed for small business owners. With the eHopper Poynt app you can provide better service to your customers, develop a greater awareness of your business, streamline your processes and increase your profits.

Get started with eHopper Poynt app!


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