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eHopper – the global point of sale system for small business owners

eHopper, the global point of sale system for small business owners, will offer its free mobile cross-platform technology globally.

The move is based on positive feedback from the U.S., Canada, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico markets along with demand from several other countries. It is designed to address three global problems particularly prevalent among small and medium-sized brick and mortar stores:

  • Confusion as to which system to purchase;
  • Cost of additional hardware and software;
  • Learning curves presented by training and employee adoption.

eHopper tackles these problems from several angles. The merchants may select an Essential plan with the fully featured free version as a trial or upgrade to Freedom package with support and integrated merchant services available.

POS is available on the Android, Windows (Chrome browser) and Poynt platforms, with iOS availability on the horizon. This allows merchants to use their own equipment without an additional cash outlay.

User-friendly solution negates the need for intensive training and includes online Knowledge Base support for free Essential Plan and additional telephone, email, chat support for Freedom plan.

“Retailers want the freedom to choose OS and do not want to commit expensive plan from the very beginning without exploring the features and real usage experience. No matter the platform, it’s all part of one continuous usage experience,” said Vladimir Basin, director of product at eHopper. “With the announced expansion of our business, we’re giving retailers all over the world a way to easily manage their business, offer customers a seamless shopping experience, and sell smarter.

Localization feature allows using different languages on POS, Back Office, and Receipts. If a customer needs to get the receipt in English or French and the business owner or staff speaks another language, it can be easily set in the back office on a level of a store or even each employee. Besides, it is possible to choose the local currency and set up local tax.” 

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Localization feature allows using different languages on POS, Back Office, and Receipts.

eHopper’s free global POS software incorporates a full suite of key features including order management and tracking, payments including EMV, split payments, mobile payments, receipts, inventory, employee management and localization.

Try eHopper POS risk free!

It is appropriate for a wide variety of smaller businesses including quick-service restaurants, cafes, bars or any other retail business seeking a consolidated solution to streamline operations.

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