eHopper Release 0.21.3

eHopper Release 0.21.3 Available Today

eHopper, the cloud-based, global integrated business solution, is releasing its latest point of sale (POS) product release, 0.21.3, available today.

The product release offers several performance improvements, and enhanced features, which enable business owners to speed up transactions, while allowing Canadian merchants to process credit card payments for POS and online ordering. 

The update is available today to all eHopper customers, including POS users on iPads, Android Tablets, All-in-One Touchscreen terminals, Windows PC and Poynt.

Device agnostic, eHopper 0.21.3 encourages small business by offering powerful business software on a variety of equipment. This allows merchants to do business on eqipment they already have, without any extra cash outlay. 

eHopper’s intuitive, user-friendly design means entrepreneurs won’t require intensive training. Essential plan customers have access to eHopper’s extensive online Knowledge Base, while support for Omnichannel and Freedom plans include full telephone, email, chat support. eCommerce and online ordering is available to any business, around the globe, with full support. 

To take advantage of these new streamlined features, eHopper users only need to sync their POS any time after 11am EST.

Release 0.21.3 Features + Enhancements:

  • Canadian payment processing – eHopper’s Freedom plan now supports credit card processing in Canada. Grow your business with eHopper Canada point of sale system – eHopper’s Canada POS offers the features and integrations small business needs to succeed.  

    Freedom customers can speed up sales with payment processing. Canada merchants can now accept credit cards for purchases, void orders, or refund transactions.

Canadian payment processing

eHopper point of sale supports Canadian payment processing

Read further on how to set up a Canada Point of Sale system with eHopper.

  • Quick Access to Products in POS – Now you can limit the number of items displayed per category in order to speed up sales. By placing your most popular items at the top of each category, and limiting the display of less popular products, you can  increase the speed of your POS. This means you’ll spend more time ringing up sales, and less searching through irrelevant items. 
limiting products in category

Adjust the number of products displayed in each category to speed up POS performance

  • Improved receipt controls – Choose to not “Print receipt” by default. 
  • Unblock register via email – Unblock your register via email address when attempting to log into the POS. 

Release 0.21.3 allows you to unlock your register via email

  • Better kitchen operations – Now send canceled items directly to the kitchen – get notified in real time when a customer deletes their order. This mean the kitchen won’t accidentally make a part of the order that was amended or canceled. 
  • Enhance employee permissions – Set controls to decide to allow sales people to cancel saved orders. These improved employee controls mean that you don’t need to worry about sales fraud – as an admin of the system, you can set permissions for sales people to be able to handle cancel orders or refunds. 
employee permissions

New point of sales features include enhanced employee permission settings.

  • Display PIN number – Admins can view each employee’s unique PIN number on their Employee Details screen.

Display PIN number on employee screen

  • Refund & Void orders online – Direct refunding and voiding of eCommerce orders via POS. 

For more information on these new features, please visit our Release Page, or reach out to 

eHopper’s complete business solution incorporates a full suite of products and features, including an integrated eCommerce and online ordering platform, payments including EMV, split payments, mobile payments, 5 cents rounding, inventory control, employee management and localization options for front and back of house. eHopper POS is ideal for a wide variety of small businesses including quick-service restaurants, cafes, bars or any other retail business seeking a total business solution to streamline operations and increase sales. 


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