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How To Boost Your Profits With Vape Shop POS

The number of vape shops popping up in cities around the country (we have tons of them here in NYC), many have yet to discover the magic of a vape shop point of sale system. Sadly, like many other small retailers, vape shops often skip using a POS system in favor of the analog cash registers or pen and paper.

Though it seems “less complicated” to use a low-tech method of management, it makes running the store much harder and costing them precious time better spent on customer service.

With a study from Smart Customer Service revealing how an estimated $41 billion dollars lost in 2016 due to bad customer service, it is very clear that bad customer service is a constant thorn in the side of small businesses that has many small businesses going nuts over how to solve the problem.

Fortunately, a vape shop POS system is the one-stop cure for issues such as these. Systems like these have features and functions that solve the pain points vape shops deal with on a daily basis, allowing them to focus on customer service and bring in profits from big purchases and repeat business.

Let’s review five beneficial ways a vape shop point of sale system can make customers, managers and owners happy with better service and bigger profits.

Organize Better with A POS

Disorganization leads to customers leaving over incorrect pricing, getting sold items when out-of-stock (a common occurrence in disorganized stores) and a general feeling that store just does not care.

Though a vape shop always works on providing quality items to their customers, a bad customer experience coming from a lack of product can leave any chances of repeat business going up in smoke. In a study by Harris Interactive/RightNow, nearly 90% of customers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience.

With a point of sale system, features that would solve the problems include:

Inventory Control

Instead of relying on a flimsy clipboard and a sheet of paper to scribble on, it is much more efficient to let a POS system monitor all inventory amounts and changes. Vape shops often carry hundreds if not thousands of small pieces as merchandise, and counting it is a nightmare. POS systems do not worry about that at all, and track inventory changes in real time.

vape shop inventory management

Let a POS system monitor all inventory amounts and changes.


With so much merchandise and customers filing in due to the popularity of vape shops, keeping an eagle-eye view on all business aspects is a no-brainer. Reporting tools allow you to get an instant readout of all business details, covering transactions and customers.

Having great prices and an amazing selection of vape pens, oils and other accessories may look good in advertisements, but without great service to back it up you will find your stocked shelves collecting dust. Letting a POS system handle all of the heavy lifting while you focus on providing service is a huge benefit.

boost profits vape store

Reporting tools allow you to get an instant readout of all business details, covering transactions and customers.

Track Your Customers

Vape shops cater to the younger, more hip generation of shoppers who like to find a single store to frequent.

Feeling welcomed and valued as a customer is an important part of providing good service, but without a POS this is difficult to do. When customers feel like strangers where they have spent a lot of cash, it is a good incentive for them to spend with your competitors instead.

In a study conducted by American Express, it was found that 3 in 5 Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.

A lack of customer information tracking will make them feel like “just another shopper” and seek loyalty elsewhere. Vape shops always find it useful to make sure they are aware of their customer’s favorite oil flavors, brands of equipment and frequently purchased items such as filters and cleaning tools for their vaporizers.

To achieve this, vape shops need a POS for:


Customer loyalty apps give vape shops incentives to offer to their customers in order to build a relationship and get repeat business. You can set SMS and email messages to be sent out immediately after a sale, provides coupons and organize your list of customers for focused remarketing.

boost profits vape store

Customer loyalty apps give vape shops incentives to offer to their customers in order to build a relationship and get repeat business.

Customer Management

It always puts a smile on a customer’s face when an employee refers to them by name and can recall their purchases to make recommendations to them. By tracking customer data, you will always have the upper hand when building trust, gaining repeat business and upselling them based on their past purchases.

As a vape shop, a big part of the businesses image is forming close relationships with their shoppers, as their merchandise typically moves fast and non-casual vape users frequently buy new bottles of oil. Effective remarking tools can have them make your shop their primary locations to restock on their favorite flavor or oil.

Ensure They Have Everything They Need

Shen vape shops are selling to vapers that make daily use of their pens and usually run out of oil within days, they often make bulk purchases to last them for a longer period time and save money in the long run.

Since vape shops are usually stacked to the ceiling with endless amounts of product, allowing them to call in and place an order for pickup is a useful way to generate business.

In another study from American Express, they had found that 7 in 10 Americans said they were willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.

Additionally, in stores such as these where customers can easily get lost while browsing the selections, you can jump on them to push a profitable sale and save them from waiting in a line.

Using mobile POS hardware such as payment terminals and all-in-one devices allows you to close sales right on the sales floor as you offer products and push them to make a complete purchase.

Vape shop POS features that provide this benefit include:

Order Management

Instead of having them spend a long time at the shelves wondering what to pick up for their next few days of vaping, have them call in to the store and let an employee recommend products for them.

Place the order in the POS and save it, then tender it out upon pick-up and save the record. Not only did you get a quick and profitable sale, you can use the order log to suggest more products to them for future orders.

Mobile Technology

Given that a vape shops “trendy” image is an important part of the business, adding modern POS hardware will definitely add to it.

Instead of letting customers get lost in the process of deciding what to buy among thousands of choices, let employees guide them along and then ring them up right there at the shelves. Aside from the great sale, you will impress your customers into returning for more of this focused service.

To sum everything up, the addition of a POS system to a vape shop will prevent your business from becoming vaporized itself. Our customers operating vape shops have shared a lot of feedback with us and we’re glad to put it all together for others who are considering a POS.

For more information, contact us or try eHopper free POS system to see these functions and benefits in action.

For further information about the benefits free POS systems provide to small businesses, check out our blog for new posts every week.

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