Marketing Webinar for Small Business

Marketing Webinar for Small Business

eHopper partnered with Main Street Hub, a GoDaddy Company, to offer a free SMB marketing webinar!

Small business owners were able to learn simple tips & tricks to instantly get connected with their customers online & in-store.

Marketing Webinar

Featuring speakers:

Geoffrey Brown – Local Business Outreach – Main Street Hub

Skip Barts – Marketing Manager – eHopper Point of Sale

This was the perfect chance for business owners to learn how to reach their customers – and how to leverage that reach into more sales and higher profit margins

Even if you couldn’t attend the webinar, you can still view and download the recording!

Learn how to:

  • Make it easy for your target audience to find you online
  • Extend your customer service on social media
  • Integrate social media and email marketing
  • Leverage all point-of-sale touch-points
  • Use Facebook Live + Instagram Stories
  • Create a loyalty program
  • Optimize your contact page

View + download the webinar below!