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Must-have Features For Mobile Based POS Systems

Mobile point of sale software has filled the void to provide businesses with solutions that provide much more freedom, peace of mind, and ease of use. This is shown by the emergence of mobile POS systems and hardware that allows for more mobility and control over business operations and customer service.

Despite this great technology now becoming available to several markets such as retail and hospitality, there are many different features and benefits available for investors belonging to several business verticals. We’ll be taking a look at four important features that any business can benefit from and absolutely need in the long run.

Mobile Payments

With cell phone technology being used for much more than making calls and sending text messages, it comes as no surprise that customers are able to pay for items and services right from their phones for even more convenience. Mobile POS software is typically enabled to accept NFC (near field communication) payments made with apps such as Apple pay and Samsung Pay.

Aside from enabling customers to go shopping without having to carry large amounts of cash, mobile payments are much quicker, easier and handled within seconds. Not only does this speed up the checkout process; it shows customers that they can expect a fast and easy transaction. This benefit alone can generate repeat business.

Inventory Management

If it’s one thing retail employees loathe doing, it’s the tedious process of counting inventory item by item and using a pen and paper to keep track of their counts. This takes up valuable time from helping customers out and generating sales, as well as time from addressing other vital store operations and procedures. A lack of efficiency can hamper any business financially, and as a result, can impact overall profits.

With a mobile point of sale system, employees can monitor and check inventory with handheld hardware that has been updated constantly with the current counts of inventory to ensure accuracy before and after the inventory count has been completed.

Multi-store Functionality

For business owners that have to manage several locations at once, it can be a daunting task to handle all of it from one terminal. This is even more of an issue if the terminal is stationary, thus locking the manager to one place and limiting their ability to keep a close eye on all store operations.

Having the freedom to move around, as store managers are typically spending time going from location to location for hands-on management that cannot be performed remotely.

pos features and benefits

For business owners that have to manage several locations at once, it can be a daunting task to handle all of it from one terminal.

A mobile POS system solves this issue, as a person can bring up information and other important data as they visit each store to check on the individual locations activity. This allows the manager to make important business decisions on the spot without having to deal with making phone calls, text messages or other means to keep in contact with a locations manager-on-duty.

Cloud-based Data

As experts in POS hardware and software, we understand the importance of having the ability to bring up vital data on the spot. Unfortunately, with many businesses still opting to store their data locally on in-house servers, this is very difficult to do and can be costly.

Maintaining a database in a store requires a dedicated technical crew to ensure the hardware is working properly without any issues, and even just having a technician visit the store to check on a problem can cost hundreds of dollars right off the bat.

Cloud-based data storage removes this hindrance almost immediately, as your data becomes the responsibility of whoever is hosting your point of sale software system as it will be stored on their local network instead of yours. Another huge benefit is that your data is accessible even when your store is closed for business, giving managers the power to handle management duties from home or while traveling.

A Sound Choice For Any Business

Regardless of if you are selling products to customers, serving meals to hungry diners, or providing individual services such that rely on work orders, a mobile POS system provides features and benefits that streamline all of these operations, which translates into happy customers who return to your business to make more purchases.


As important as competitive pricing and store displays can be, nothing beats the smile of a customer who is satisfied with the level of quick service they were able to receive due to an efficient mobile POS system. Check out our blog every week for new articles covering POS systems and what they can do for your business.

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