ETA Transact 2019 | Meet with eHopper

eHopper POS is preparing to exhibit at ETA Transact 2019 in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada!

We have a full slate of announcements, promotions, and special give-away’s planned around this year’s show. Make sure to follow eHopper on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the exciting news to follow!

Attending ETA Transact 2019?

Visit Booth #3323 to meet the eHopper team and enter to win a free HP Engage One Prime system!

We’re eager for the chance to meet with so many of our banking and business partners throughout the community.

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Transact: Powered by ETA

What is Transact 2019?

TRANSACT is the one conference which focuses on the business of payments technology.

Powered by Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the world’s largest payments industry trade group, TRANSACT is the place where financial institutions, networks, payments companies, FinTech and technology innovators gather to make the deals that shape the industry.

This year’s conference takes place at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

“TRANSACT is where people come to do business – because they know that TRANSACT is where the industry gathers.”

This year at ETA Transact, everyone from  ISOs to ISVs, large financial organizations, startups,and many others, will meet to see what’s new, and learn what it takes to grow, as well as what that means for their business and place in the industry. 

Through extensive networking events, education and a robust exhibit hall filled with more than 200 companies, attendees will learn about new tech, security trends and policy affecting the industry.

eHopper ETA Transact Booth #3323 

ETA Transact 2019

eHopper will be at Booth #3323 at ETA Transact 2019

Partner with eHopper

Make sure to stop by Booth #3323 to discuss starting a partnership with eHopper POS.

eHopper POS is a device agnostic, cloud-based point of sale solution that is ideal for all small to mid-sized retail and hospitality businesses. 

We work closely with ISOs, merchant service providers, and other members of the payments community to offer onboarding, training, ongoing support, and even merchant sales demos to all of our partners.  

Why Partner with eHopper POS?

  • Device agnostic
  • Ease of use
  • Onboarding
  • Generous commision/rev share
  • Competitive pricing
  • Surcharges + Cash Discounts

Start a partnership with eHopper today!

Our Partners at ETA Transact 2019

We are thrilled to be able to represent our preferred hardware partners at ETA Transact 2019.

At Booth #3323 you will be able to demo eHopper’s integration with several premiere hardware providers, including:


Bixolon Q302 mPOS Printer

At Transact 2019, eHopper is proud to partner with Bixolon receipt printers!

On full display at eHopper Booth #3323 will be the Bixolon SRP-Q302 receipt printer.

Bixolon SRP-Q300 mPOS Receipt Printer

 Bixolon SRP-Q302 mPOS Receipt Printer at Transact 2019

The Bixolon Q302 is a cube shaped mPOS receipt printer that offers a flexible solution for several types of merchants.

This is the perfect choice for a business looking for a reliable, lighting-quick receipt printer that looks great and keeps a  small footprint – we know how valuable counter space can be to smaller retailers!

Bixolon RTS-Q300 Tablet Stand

Pairing with the Bixolon Q302 printer is the Q300 tablet stand. This is a custom stand for your tablet and Q302 printer.


 Bixolon-RTS-Q300 tablet stand displayed at Transact 2019.




HP Engage One Prime POS

At Transact 2019, we’re thrilled to debut eHopper’s integration with the brand new HP Engage One Prime POS system!

The new HP Engage One Prime partners with eHopper’s point-of-sale system to provide an all-in-one solution optimized for SMB retail and hospitality businesses.

HP Engage One Prime POS

HP Engage One Prime POS system at Transact 2019

The partnership between eHopper and HP aims to deliver the complete, end-to-end solution that smaller retailers need.

The HP Engage One Prime is a modern POS system sporting a sleek aesthetic and modern product design.

With options for color, processor and CPU the HP Engage One Prime offers the perfect solution to many different different types of businesses.

The HP Engage One Prime POS features: 

  • Crisp 14″ diagonal Full HD touchscreen that effortlessly flips between sales counter and customers.
  • Built-in peripherals, including a magnetic stripe reader, NFC, and camera-based scanner for QR or bar codes.
  • Port connections: USB-C™ , two USB-A ports, and Bluetooth (WLAN connections available).
  • Limited 1-year warranty.
  • Configurable color options.



At ETA Transact 2019 we are eager to show-off the many powerful applications of eHopper POS on Poynt terminals.

eHopper partners with Poynt to provide merchants with a completely mobile POS solution.

Poynt Smart Terminal

eHopper POS is fully integrated with the Poynt Smart Terminal.

Poynt POS with eHopper

Poynt smart terminal with eHopper POS at ETA Transact 2019

Poynt is a totally hand-held device with dual touch screens, one of which is a 7″ merchant facing for entering orders and a smaller customer facing for entering PINs, signatures, tipping and customer preferences.

The Poynt Smart Terminal also provides a MSR card reader, barcode and QR scanner, a NFC antenna, Bluetooth antenna and a compact printer.

Poynt 5

Poynt 5 is the perfect wireless terminal for retail. This hand-sized, personalized mPOS terminal is a cost effective way to transform your customers into loyal fans.

With eHopper POS app on Poynt 5, merchants enjoy mobility and flexibility at every turn.

With Poynt 5 you can ring up customers while they wait in line, the aisle, or even outside thanks to fully integrated Wifi and 3G.

Poynt 5 at ETA Transact 2019

eHopper POS on Poynt 5 mobile terminal at ETA Transact 2019.



Star Micronics

We’re proud to partner with Star Micronics at ETA Transact 2019! At our booth in Las Vegas eHopper integration with several Star Micronics printers will be front-and-center.

Star TSP 143III Bluetooth Receipt Printer

The Star TSP 143III is the perfect choice to pair with eHopper POS on Android tablets or iPads.

Because of it’s native Bluetooth technology, this receipt printer is ideal for retail or hospitality environments that need the convenience of running their point of sale on a tablet.

star tsp143III thermal printer

 Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth Receipt printer will be on display with eHopper POS at ETA Transact 2019

The Star TSP143III even features an AUTOCONNECT capability for iPads.

It features a rapid print speed of 250mm/sec and a cutter life of 2 million dots.

This model also features Star’s futurePRNT software, offering easy-to-use coupon voucher and software tools.

Read more about futurePRNT tools here!

Star TSP143IIIU Lightning Connector Thermal Printer

For merchant’s using iPad POS, the Star TSP143IIIU is the perfect choice.

Sporting an internal power supply and mounting kit, Star’s TSP 143IIIU with eHopper POS offers a lightning connector to charge and connect to your iPad to provide a mobile pos thermal printing solution.

Star TSP143IIIU Lightning Connector Thermal Printer at ETA Transact 2019

 See the Star TSP143IIIU Lightning Connector Thermal Printer at ETA Transact 2019

Star Micronics TSP143LAN Ethernet Receipt Printer

eHopper POS integrates with several different Star printers to provide flexibility to merchants or all settings and sizes.

To provide a networked solution, eHopper POS is available with the Star TSP143 LAN, which connected via Ethernet.

Providing a simple set-up with reliable performance, you won’t find a better deal on a thermal printer thant he Star 143LAN.


 Star TSP143LAN at ETA Transact 2019

Star Micronics TSP654IIBI Bluetooth Printer

The second Star Bluetooth receipt printer available with eHopper POS is the Star TSP654IIBi Bluetooth Printer.

With a wireless connection, this printer is a great choice for merchant that need a mobile pos solution.

It’s fast and a breeze to set up!


 Star TSP654IIBI at ETA Transact 2019



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