Free Marketing Webinar: 6 Ways to Drive Sales & Interaction

Free Marketing Webinar

Power Your Connections:

6 Ways to Drive Sales and Online Interaction

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eHopper is partnering with GoDaddy Social to offer a free marketing webinar for small business. 

When is the webinar?

May 29, 2019 – 2p EDT

Who can benefit?

Any brick and mortar small business owner looking for simple, but proven, ways to instantly increase their sales by powering their customer connections. 

SMB owners will learn simple tips & tricks to instantly get connected with their customers online & in-store.

Marketing Webinar

Featuring speakers:

Geoffrey Brown – Local Business Outreach – GoDaddy Social

Skip Barts – Marketing Manager – eHopper Point of Sale

Sign up today & learn how to:

  • Engage customers on social media with brand storytelling
  • Show your business’ authentic side by responding to feedback
  • Develop an email marketing strategy and grow your list size
  • Use customer loyalty programs to increase customer retention
  • Close more sales using QR codes
  • Integrate your point-of-sale with digital signage in your store

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