How To Leverage eHopper POS Licenses to Grow Your Restaurant or Retail Business [Guide]

How To Leverage eHopper POS Licenses to Grow Your Restaurant or Retail Business [Guide]

Our mission at eHopper is to empower local merchants to successfully compete with larger organizations. This post offers some ideas on how to effectively use eHopper POS platform licenses.

Nowadays, running a small business is surely a challenge, particularly in the restaurant and retail industry where there are many moving parts.

Pandemic… staff shortages… rising costs… and increased competition, especially from larger organizations, are only a few of the problems you have to face on a daily basis.   To effectively compete, you must have tools and resources to address these concerns.

One great way to optimize your business is by leveraging the eHopper POS platform – an all-in-one POS platform which allows merchants to run their entire operation! 

You no longer need to pay for multiple software subscriptions. This alone can save you thousands of dollars! 

So, what can you do with eHopper?

– Save THOUSANDS on multiple software subscriptions

– Increase Efficiency with an All-in-One Platform

– Speedup operations

– Reduce Human Errors

– Reduce Theft

– Address Labor Shortages

– Drive more traffic to your store and much more!

The bottom line is that by using an all-in-one platform like eHopper, you will be able to increase efficiency and optimize your operations.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining a license and using it to its full potential. Keep reading for more information!

Prior to discussing how to obtain the licenses and what this entails, it is first important to understand what an eHopper POS license actually is.

In general, an eHopper POS license is assigned to an account and allows the account owner to use eHopper software on one device.

The license is paid monthly and can be canceled at any time, or you can save some money by paying for an entire year upfront! Learn about eHopper POS pricing here…

Our aim is to provide the best value in the point of sale industry! Unlike other POS providers, our price is simple, affordable, and easy to understand!  Here is what it offers:

– ALL features:

– Point of Sale Software

– Integrated payments: accept cash, debit/credit

– Self-serve kiosk mode

– Mobile Friendly eCommerce Website

– Loyalty application

– QuickBook Integration

– Inventory Management


– Time Clock

– Reporting

– Valuable business apps

– Free customer support and implementation

You get 2 licenses for the price of one! 

So, how can you leverage eHopper POS licenses to grow your restaurant or retail store?

It really depends on your business type and needs. However, here are some ideas:

1. Setup multiple registers

Setup multiple registers to help reduce lines and speed up transactions, especially during busy periods.

2. Setup self-serve kiosk

Consider using some of the licenses as a self-serve kiosk. This can help reduce congestion at the register and free up staff to provide assistance elsewhere in the store.

3. Use in multiple locations

If you have multiple locations, you can use eHopper POS licenses to manage all of your locations from one central hub. This will save you time and money by eliminating the need for separate POS systems at each location.

4. Take orders at the table

If you have a restaurant, you can use eHopper POS to take orders at the table. This will help reduce congestion in the kitchen and speed up service. Leverage Poynt Smart terminals. These terminals are sleek and easy to use, and they accept all major credit cards.

5. Take orders on the floor

If you have a retail store, you can use eHopper POS to take orders on the floor. This will help free up staff to provide assistance elsewhere in the store.

6. Setup your own eCommerce Website

Use the integrated eCommerce website to take orders online to speedup operations and increase sales! It is also a great tool for getting found online and driving customers to your store or restaurant.

Or if you already have an eCommerce website, you can use the integrated eHopper POS to take orders online.

7. Offer loyalty program

You can use the eHopper POS to offer a loyalty program to customers. This will help increase customer retention and have them coming back for more!

8. Manage Entire Operations with ease. Any time and anywhere!

The eHopper POS will give you the ability to manage your entire operation with ease! You can keep track of sales, inventory, customers, and employees all in one place. This will help save time and money. In addition, you can access your back office online using a Chrome browser!

9. Leverage Built-in Reporting

You can use the reporting features to help make informed decisions about your business. The reports can help show what is selling well, what needs to be ordered, and more!

10. Improve customer service 

By using eHopper POS to take orders, you can improve customer service by reducing wait times and providing a more efficient check-out process.

11. Connect with POS hardware

You can connect eHopper POS with a variety of hardware, such as printers, scanners, and cash drawers. This will help streamline your operation and make it more efficient! When everything is interconnected, it can save HOURS! eHopper operates on Windows PCs, Android tablets and Poynt Smart terminals. Here is a good example on how you can connect multiple devices:

12. Save time with POS automation

eHopper POS offers a variety of automation features that can save you time! For example, you can set up automatic low stock alerts, so you never have to worry about running out of stock.

13. Leverage Marketing tools

With eHopper POS, you are not only able to set up a loyalty program or showcase your products online, but connect your pricing to a digital signage board. This is great because you can change your prices on the fly and update your customers in real time!

14. Built-in Apps

To run your business successfully, eHopper offers built in apps. From printing barcodes to integrating with QuickBooks to processing payments, eHopper does it all!

However, we are not stopping! We continuously add new apps to our app directory, so you can customize your eHopper experience.

15. Get FREE Customer support

One of the best things about eHopper POS is that you get free customer support, which includes training, onboarding, and implementation. This means that if you ever have any questions or need help, you can simply reach out to our team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

16. Scale your operations

As your business grows, so does eHopper POS. With the ability to connect multiple devices and add on features as you need them, eHopper POS will grow with you!

Example setup for restaurants

ehopper POS for restaurants

Example Setup for retails stores

ehopper pos for retail stores


Now that you know how to leverage POS licenses to grow your restaurant or retail store, put these ideas into action and see for yourself how much eHopper can help your business succeed!

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