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How to Bring your Brick and Mortar Business Online

These days, being online is not a choice, but a must, in order to continue supporting your business. Thankfully, many tools exist that provide a cost-effective and efficient eCommerce solution to bring your brick and mortar store online. Here are the steps of how to bring your and mortar business online, which will be reviewed […]

How to Get FREE POS and FREE Processing

Using a modern point of sale system that has the ability to accept credit cards is a sure way to grow your business. Historically, this has added up to thousands of dollars in software, hardware and processing costs. With the progress of technology, cloud-based POS systems, and the changes in laws, the cost has gone […]

How to Use New eHopper Windows POS App to Automate your Business

Speed of operations and the ability to manage your inventory, customers, and employees is your key to success for any business. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools which will allow you to achieve that. One of those is the eHopper Point of Sale system. In addition, to be very efficient, we made the eHopper […]

How to Integrate eHopper POS with WooCommerce

Nowadays, in order to successfully compete, small business owners must provide customers with a friction-less experience, especially now in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, it is very easy to do that and in a cost-effective way, with the eHopper POS integration with WooCommerce and Amazon Lightsail.  This integration provides businesses of all sizes […]