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How to Get FREE POS and FREE Processing (Updated 2024)

Using a modern point of sale system that has the ability to accept credit cards is a sure way to grow your business. Historically, this has added up to thousands of dollars in software, hardware and processing costs. With the progress of technology, cloud-based POS systems, and the changes in laws, the cost has gone […]

What are Merchant Services and How it Works (Guide)

As a new business owner, are you looking to accept any transaction type for payments other than cash and paper check? If so, getting started with a merchant services account will be one of the most crucial elements of setting up your business. In brief, merchant services are all of the products, services, and technology […]

How to Create a Contactless Ordering Experience at Your Restaurant in 2022

Creating a contactless ordering experience for guests at your restaurant is now more important than ever, in order for your business to stay competitive and keep up revenue. Even before Covid-19 swept the world, the restaurant industry was adjusting to consumer preferences and behavior, moving towards the modern and more efficient virtual ordering experience. This […]

How to Set up WooCommerce POS with eHopper and WordPress

Especially nowadays, having an online site is crucial to compete and remain up to date within our current business landscape. More than ever, consumers are flocking online to make their purchases, instead of buying in person, as they are becoming accustomed to the “new normal” that the Covid-19 pandemic has unveiled. Luckily, with eHopper, you […]

How to Create Contactless Menu for Restaurants with QR Code

Technology was already moving the restaurant industry towards virtual, contactless ordering, but with the huge impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is now critical in order to remain competitive. Consumers are now very cautious when ordering from restaurants and will only do so if they feel they can maintain distance from other guests and staff, […]

How to Bring your Brick and Mortar Business Online

These days, being online is not a choice, but a must, in order to continue supporting your business. Thankfully, many tools exist that provide a cost-effective and efficient eCommerce solution to bring your brick and mortar store online. Here are the steps of how to bring your and mortar business online, which will be reviewed […]